My Name is James Chua

I'm a Filipino Freelance Web Designer and an Entrepreneur!! Yes that’s right, My creativity comes with your business in mind.

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My name is James Chua. I started my design career as a freelancer,  I have a 2 yr experience as full time web designer at Fiftystudio , it was the time when I was searching for an answer of what really feels like working on a full time basis.

I’ve a background on basic HTML/CSS Joomla and wordpress and decided to focus on web design, I am a web designer who knows what’s possible and impossible to code. My designs are always base on 960grid. and bootstrap by client’s request.

I won several contest at 99designs, a proof that my designs are international level. what I love on working freelance is the freedom to pick what, when and who to work with. the freedom to pick what interest us (designers) increases the chance of creating an awesome work. I can be your web consultant if you needed one and / or you decided to open a contest on 99designs. Expect me to be one of the participants if it interest me.


My creativity comes with your business in mind. I’ve worked with several foreign clients and won a lot of contest at, I eat feedback for breakfast, criticism for lunch and nothing for dinner. Help me find something to eat for dinner :) Hire me!

WebSite Redesign

A Refreshing Look for your existing website.

WebDesign Start-Ups

Web Design for Start up company

Webdesign Consultant

Help you decide on your design contest

Design Adjustments

Small Task & Adjustments for your webdesign

3Monkey VPN

3Monkey is a VPN service provider. their aim is to provide easy to use services that help protect your online identity and privacy. their service adds increased security and anonymity on to your existing internet connection.

The target audience is everybody on the internet who would like to surf anonymously, would like to secure internet connection and would like to encrypt sensitive web traffic from hackers.

This Project was one of my awesome win on 99designs

CabSurf Taxi Reservation

CabSurf is a new service which continuously track registered vehicles (taxi vehicles) and let people reach nearby drivers from their mobile phones or over the Internet it continuously tracks professional taxi drivers and let you use your smartphone to contact the ones well placed to pick you up.

This project can be found at 99designs.

GreenLine Loans

Greenline Loans is a well established online lender. set ourselves apart from other online lenders through their transparency and friendly customer service. they work with our customers to find out what loan amounts and payment options will work best for them.

This was a project design I made at Fiftystudio and you can preview the live site at greenlineloans

RVC Construction

RVC Richardson van leeuwen is a construction company with unparalleled expertise and vision. a Contractor with deep roots born from architectural philosophies that allow them to engage their clients through a unique construct of collaboration and innovation. The principles that define the “RVC Experience” include a promise to create a seamless, long-term relationship that keeps you informed, educated and integrated throughout the building process.

This project was one of my design on fiftystudio and you can see the live website here.

Engaging Photography

Engaging photography is photography studio that specializes in artistic and elegant Wedding Photography, he likes to grab the attention of Brides who are looking for a photographer for their wedding.

This website design is one of my oldest project won on 99designs. you can find this project here.


Goldmansacksreport was an independent research company who produces stock research reports for US stocks. they like to have a simple yet modern landing page similar to some other newsletter website.

I’m a stock trader myself and got the advantage among every other designers as I understand the particular environment influencing stock traders. since stock traders are logical in particular, I knew how I would make them feel like the website are professional and trustworthy.

This project can be found at

My Portfolio

Here are my past projects though these are not all of them as some client doesn’t want their project to be posted for some private concerns, I only posted some project that have approvals.


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